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This morning I woke up, thinking about the movie I watched last night. It was about a girl who was unable to leave her house because any bacterial infection could kill her. So she was trapped in her house. She had almost everything, but no human interaction, did not know how it feels to be outside and also did not know how it was to have a true friend, until she fell in love with the boy next door. Love made her risk everything, even her health, just to feel like how it would feel like to have the freedom to break out of her box. Continue reading “LOVE IS EVERYTHING…”

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It was really important for me to write this article today after yesterday. I felt like it was the lowest point in my life, because I have never really been scolded for my ability or skills. Be that as it may, I decided to sleep in. I just paused and just wanted to relax.

So what did I learn? Why did it feel like a turning point? I realised the Lord wanted or is busy teaching me patience. It is very difficult for me to just chill out these days or maybe these past couple of years. Anyway, I watched two movies and they both made me laugh so hard and naturally that it felt so amazing. I learned so much, because it echoed the rhythm of my soul. It was something I needed in order to just be and let go fully.  Continue reading “WHO RUNS THE WORLD?”

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Purchasing ones very first car is so liberating. Especially if it is a car you always wanted. Well in my case, my joy did not last very long.

I had to purchase a car, because I was tired of depending on other people for a lift and I felt like I have shed enough tears. I have been through quite enough with public transport and private transport. The time also felt right. But would this be a smooth ride? The answer is no.

The first day I got my car, everything happened so quickly. The guy who I bought the car from I had to go drop off at home. I made a major swerve in the road, that if there was a car I would have been in major shit. Than later that evening, being able to park the car in my drive way was a drama and a half. It took me about 15 minutes. The neighbors kids had such a good laugh. Than the guy that was supposed to drive with me mornings backed out. I had to find someone else, because I did not have a license. This is where my headache started. I don’t know what it is about guys thinking they have to help women drive, even though they have not even driven a car themselves.

This dude made a list of all the mistakes I made on a daily basis. While I was driving he was directing me every step of the way. Telling me when to change gears, when to use the brakes and even when to indicate. Like I did not go to a driving school. One day he really pissed me off. After I asked him, if he let me concentrate I will be able to do it on my own. He kept on talking. So I drove like I drove when I am alone. Full speed baby! I accidentally hit the curve, just so that he could feel how it felt when your car shook. He called me later that evening saying he did not feel safe driving with me. I was so happy!!! I wanted to tell him to fuck off a long time ago, but did not have the courage at the time. So lets just say I devised another plan.

Than I had an older man drive with me. Thinking maybe he will give me some space to do what I need to do. Same thing happened again. Telling me when to change gears and to drive fast even past the speed limit of the road. He did not have the list though. He on the other hand took complete advantage. Even though I wanted nothing for petrol, seeing that you moved in your whole family for a lift, you could at least give me something for my trouble. But I guess he saw it as him doing me the favor and not both of us helping out one another. This being said, our relationship went our separate way as well.

As soon as I started driving on my own, I learned more and I enjoyed the road. I even started appreciating my car more. I was happier, because it felt like everyone wanted to take my joy away. From the idiots on the road, to the ones sitting right next to me. To people in my immediately vicinity that was jealous of someone else moving forward in life.

People can really ruin a new experience for you, if you let them. The moment I stopped worrying about everyone else, everything started to fall into place. I concentrated better, I learned how to better maneuver my car and life seemed to look up again. I was determined not to let anyone stem my growth.

In life sometimes it is important to stay in ones lane, but every now and then you have to change lanes in order to move forward. And needless to say, I am so happy…



Continue reading “STAY IN YOUR LANE ‘LIL GIRL…”