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I always use to laugh when this song came on the radio. It played again this afternoon and on the inside I laughed so hard. I have my own version. Mine goes like this: “Even though I have fat thighs, a big bum but my belly still gives good loving. Fat thighs, skinny arms, my small boobs still keep you coming…” The part that usually gets me is the big bum part, because I have one. But this is such an amazing song, even though it makes me laugh it conveys such a powerful message.

As people we always find something wrong with our bodies. We are too tall, too small, have too many freckles, have frizzy hair, don’t have frizzy hair, butt is too big, butt is to small, terrible skin, strange legs and whatever else. You name it, someone else has it worst. Continue reading “MY POTBELLY STILL GIVES GOOD LOVING…”

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It was really important for me to write this article today after yesterday. I felt like it was the lowest point in my life, because I have never really been scolded for my ability or skills. Be that as it may, I decided to sleep in. I just paused and just wanted to relax.

So what did I learn? Why did it feel like a turning point? I realised the Lord wanted or is busy teaching me patience. It is very difficult for me to just chill out these days or maybe these past couple of years. Anyway, I watched two movies and they both made me laugh so hard and naturally that it felt so amazing. I learned so much, because it echoed the rhythm of my soul. It was something I needed in order to just be and let go fully.  Continue reading “WHO RUNS THE WORLD?”

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I have not written in a while, but with a season changing and hopefully a new season in my life as well, I need to get this out.

These past 5 years has been the most difficult in my life, full of ups and downs. Many storms have come my way and it seems like it has taken various tides. I do know that I am more fortunate than most people, but that does not mean my struggle is not real or important. I am shaking literally while writing this post, because this morning I feel like I am at such a low. I read Psalms 6 this morning, when I wanted to give up on God because I felt like he is not hearing my prayers. And I felt like I was banished and forgotten about. And in the Psalm verse 4 said:”Ek is heeltemal gedaan. Hoe lank nog, Here, voordat U uitkoms gee?”
Continue reading “THE FIGHT OF MY LIFE…”

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Let me close of my week of heritage. Discovery and accepting my own roots. Worcester is a town in the Western Cape, South Africa. It is located 120 kilometers (75 mi) north-east of Cape Town on the N1 highway north to Johannesburg.

Worcester was named and discovered by Lord Charles Somerset. Lord Charles Somerset named the new town for his eldest brother, the Marquis of Worcester and by 1840, 132 of the original 144 plots were sold.During the 1890s Worcester’s community would also evolve into an uptown section for rich and middle-class people and a downtown section for so-called poor Whites and Coloured people. Even the Dutch Reformed Congregation would censure European and Coloured people living under desegregated circumstances.Worcester received Municipal status on 30 September 1895. A Town Council, consisting of 8 members governed the town.

One can say, Worcester’s roots runs deep. It is a rich town, full of culture and tradition.

Every child that grew up here, always remembers the circus coming to town, school bazaars and the annual Easter Weekend madness. Family values is very important in this small town and people take their reputation very seriously.

Worcester is part of who I am. Worcester is like a braai on a lekker summers day, a get together of good friends, the heart and soul of every Worcesteriet, 925 on Easter Monday, Easter Monday Bazaar and Late night shopping in December. Although crime and certain people try to devalue our town and surrounding areas with their bad intentions to hurt others, a true Worcesterian knows what Worcester is all about. Worcester is Villa and Hamilton’s. Worcester is Perseverance and Alberts. Worcester is proudly South African. Everyone around the world is welcome in this beautiful valley. Filled with rich mountains, stellar wine farms and “die lekkerste Brandewyn ter wereld…”

I hope by me discovering my roots and claiming my heritage, each and everyone reading this gained a sense of proud where they come from. I absolutely love the fact that I am not ashamed about my roots. I embrace it…


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I come from “THA GHETTO”

Thinking about this post made me very nostalgic. Because it is going to be written with the absolute vulnerability that it deserves. I have never been so honest and bare in my life. I am a very private person and yet I feel the need to claim where I come from.

The title I come from the ghetto seemed like the perfect fit for this post. I need to be honest about my beginning in order to see how far I have come and that the dream I dreamed for myself was not too big or impossible. I come from very humble beginnings. My life is still very simplistic. I was doing research about the Riverview Flats in Worcester, my hometown. All I can find was news about gang related violence. I remembered when I started at my current position, one of the fire fighters asked me, where did you live before Avian Park? And I remember I did not answer him at that point. For some reason I was apprehensive and I felt a bit put of by his smug tone, almost like he knew me or where he thought I came from. It seemed like he judged me.  Continue reading “I come from “THA GHETTO””

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My Heritage…

I am kicking off this week with exploring the history of ones own town. With this said, I watched a YouTube video this morning that inspired me so much and I thought this would be a perfect start to my week of blogging.

I have seen a couple of inspirational posts the previous week. These posts inspired me so tremendously. From my friends Facebook post right through to YouTube. I also thought how important ones heritage is. My friend asked me last week, what can we do this weekend and asked what can one do in Worcester? When I Googled I discovered a bunch of historic places I have not even been to. This inspired me to discover my own heritage. Where I came from. Because if one does not know where ones roots lie, how will you be able to determine your future path.  Continue reading “My Heritage…”