This weeks theme is something that is too close for comfort. They say 75% of human beings suffer from mental illnesses but never get help for it. With such a high number, why is there such a stigma attach to something that is so important.

I write this morning with such a heavy heart, because I am so passionate about mental illness. More people need to be made aware that it is okay to say I need help. Last week when Chester Bennington allegedly took his own life it hit me so very hard. Reading about what he went through as a child, the abuse he suffered and how that shaped him as a man.

Molestation changes a person, in so many ways. When I listen to his lyrics now, I can almost experience his pain and how he gave it a voice through his music. “Crawling in my skin, this wounds they may not heal, fear is how I fall, confusing what is real…” I got chills when I listened to this song again this weekend. It made me almost cry as I for the first time experienced the hurt in his voice. Crawling in my skin, symbolized the horrendous acts that he had to endure as a child. He just put it beautifully in words. His music was his therapy.

How many of us need help, but never get it? Why are we so prone to neglect ourselves, because we are too afraid or ashamed. It is time to break that stigma attached to mental illness. Because in this world we live in today, I am shocked that mental illness still has a stigma attached to it. The challenges we face today are different from the ones our grandparents and great grandparents faced. Live was simpler, although they too had their own challenges. Chester (I am using him as an example) clung to alcohol and drugs in order to cope. Although he had his music, I think he suffered from a deep-rooted pain. He just needed something to cling too. Molestation alters a person’s mind, whether you are male or female. It makes people feel so small and like you have no power. It really alters a person’s mind forever.

Most people become depressed, most people turn to drugs, most people turn into molesters themselves, some become abusers, some commit suicide from not being able to deal with the pain and some commit murder. When ones mental health is not addressed, it can lead to a lot of various other behaviors. Behavior that will kill you piece by piece on the inside. I believe mental health should be taken seriously and be addressed as soon as possible.

This week I will discuss a few mental illnesses and also give through the necessary resources people can use, if they need help. I really hope that through my posts, it will help people to get help for themselves or a friend. Most importantly I want to break the stigma attached to mental illness and addiction. We as human beings do not always know the path that we will take, but we can rise from any adversity.

MISS C      


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