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I am kicking off this week with exploring the history of ones own town. With this said, I watched a YouTube video this morning that inspired me so much and I thought this would be a perfect start to my week of blogging.

I have seen a couple of inspirational posts the previous week. These posts inspired me so tremendously. From my friends Facebook post right through to YouTube. I also thought how important ones heritage is. My friend asked me last week, what can we do this weekend and asked what can one do in Worcester? When I Googled I discovered a bunch of historic places I have not even been to. This inspired me to discover my own heritage. Where I came from. Because if one does not know where ones roots lie, how will you be able to determine your future path. 

I was so inspired by a post of one of my varsity pals. She said that when she arrived at varsity or in the Cape, all she carried was a backpack. Someone asked her, why does she only have a backpack for varsity? She said that she did not answer that person at that time, but her answer would have been, someone who’s grandma sold her only goat in order for her to come to the Cape. Someone who is poor, but did not let that poverty define who she is. Someone who will teach her daughter one day, where her mother comes from.

Another one of my dear friends, had a YouTube post about staying away from toxic people. The thing that touched me about this post, is the value we as humans place on ourselves. How we redefine or decrease our own value, in order for others to accept us. This spoke to me so clearly. How we know our worth and value, but are still willing to put ourselves on the sale rack, because someone is not able to acknowledge our value. The right people will not feel the need to decrease your value. They will also not want to pay less for a particular item, because they know its value. Those are the people who is going to add to your life. Those are the ones that you want in your life, they will enrich you in ways you can’t even imagine.

So here we are… On this journey of discovery. I will be blogging about my hometown and surrounding areas this week. What makes it unique and why small towns just seem to creep into ones heart. My hope is to create a desire in everyone that reads these post to discover their heritage. It is important that each and every one of us know our history or where we came from. Because if you don’t know where you come from, how will you know where you are going. How will you define your own worth.


Miss C




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