Happiness… Not really a four letter word but stems from one. The word HAPPY. What does it mean to be happy? The best dictionary definition is a feeling or showing pleasure and contentment. Other words to describe happy are: joyous, delighted, cheerful and the list goes on.

So what does it really mean to be happy? Are we as humans truly happy with our lives or just living day by day? Not appreciating everything we have, but finding fault with all the little things we can not control. I wanted to end of this week with an inspirational post, because I believe we all can do with a bit of comfort and empowerment.

Happiness seems to be something that is fleeting in the 20th Century. My heart breaks when I see what is happening in the world and also in my own town. People are clearly not happy with their lives and circumstances. They look for answers in all the wrong places and start throwing stones when they get too frustrated. But where does true happiness start?

The best answer I can give you is within. My journey to contentment was not easy. At one point I fell into a deep depression, because I was too focused on the negative. Constantly focusing on what other people thought, what they are saying behind my back and falling deeper into a pit of negativity. It is true what they say: what you put out there the universe manifests it back to you. If you see everything as negative, negative things will surround your life. I did not even realize how many negative people where in my life, until I started changing my thoughts. Distancing myself from the negative and fighting to hold onto the little positive I can find. It is not an easy process, because you have to learn to let go of a lot of people, sometimes even family. But the reward of contentment is so worth it. Although it is something you have to fight for everyday. Just like everything in life nothing good comes easily, you just know it is going to be worth it. So I fight for my happiness everyday.

The most important thing is striving to be content. As a person you constantly have to do a self-evaluation. Your wants and needs change at every stage of your life. But you have to be completely honest about what makes you happy and fight for it everyday. Not giving up when adversity strikes. Just keep pushing on. I use to get irritated and so emotional when things did not go my way. I cried and cried, until I decided to just let go. Completely letting go. Distancing myself from material things. And than it hit me, I am a simple person. Simplicity excites me. I do not need to have a lot of things, just my basic needs need to be met. And that is the basics like: food, roof over my head, clothes and a job in order to create a living for myself. Even though there will be various avenues in one’s life that will test you to the limit, all you can do is rest, sometimes surrender, in order to fight another day.

Because the greatest achievement in any humans life is selflessness…



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