“This is a man’s world, but it would be nothing without a women or a girl…” No truer words has been spoken. But it is with a very heavy heart that I am writing this post. Last year, my small town was shocked by one story. A guy that had his girl assaulted and left for dead, because he did not want her to have the baby (his baby) she was carrying. He devised a plan in order to scare her, as he puts it, which went horribly wrong. He loaded two of his friends in his bonnet, to take them with him to meet up with her. The plan to scare her went terribly wrong as he explained. Be that as it my, I do not believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Because if it is a plan that went terribly wrong, why not call the police? Why not take her home with you? Or even after you dropped the guys off that was such a treat, go back to get her? His fiance was also pregnant. This girl was the sideline.  So he wanted to cover his ass basically.

This story shook me to my core, that a guy would go this far in order to prove a point. How is she suppose to raise this child, knowing that their father did not want them. And yes there are the nay sayers, saying why did she get involved with a guy knowing he was engaged. To this all I have to say is, everything is not black and white. As humans we all do things that we regret at some point.

Who I want to speak to with this post is abusers, women in abusive relationships and men in general. I understand that many men do not have the necessary guidance, because there is so many kids growing up without the guidance of a father figure. Secondly, I want to address mothers and fathers who treat their boys like they are God’s gift to women. Some mothers baby their son’s too much. That is why we have a society of men not wanting to take responsibility for their actions. There are some parents that enables their sons. That is why you have 30-year-old men, living with their parents not having their own homes or even a permanent job. I know there are many contributing factors to not having a job, like our economy being in recession, graduates not being able to find proper work and many other socio- economic factors.

This being said, I know that there are many other factors that contribute as well. But I cannot shake the feeling that there are too many men growing up without fathers. Men being born but not bred. In today’s world it sure seems like it is still a man’s world, but women contribute to a more fruitful society. And yet there are still a divide in the workplace, sports arena and many other areas. In many societies, especially in third world countries, if you empower a women, she feeds the whole village. She educates the children and provides shelter for those who do not have.

I am not here to attack men. I believe that there are very good men in this world. I am just frustrated that men, don’t encourage their brothers to do better. It takes a village to raise a child and our boy children needs it. They need to learn to take care of their families, how to respect women and all living beings and also that they are not invincible but human. The stories that has been splashed over the news about abused women is really alarming. I do not even want to drag up statistics, because it is shocking. Men needs to be encouraged to do better, not be made to feel so small that they feel like they have to exert power over women and abuse them.

All I ask is that we get back to a value system that treats every individual with respect. Fathers that provides and takes care of their families and women that encourages their men. Because women are not completely blameless. You get good men that takes care of their children, but then their women could care less. So it is not just a man’s world, it takes the love of a good woman to make it flourish. God made man, but he also made a woman to stand beside him, walk with him, encourage him and share his life with.

So yes it is a man’s world, but it really would means nothing without a women or a girl…



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