Where do we come from? Is the question that came to me, while reading about the turmoil and civil wars in Africa. I was doing research and this question started plaguing me. So I started to do a bit of research.

I wanted to know, what happened to Africa. And the only way I would be able to answer that question was to go back to the beginning of time. Where do we really come from? Was Adam and Eve white? Or was that just someone’s interpretation? How could we really know? According to science, humans was developed. The sun beats down; storms lash the coasts; volcanoes pour hissing lava into the ocean’s waters.These natural jolts fuse simple molecules into more complex ones. Amino acids are formed, then interact with each other, and primitive protein is fashioned, perhaps as a worm-like molecule. Somehow the right molecules get together and the first living cell appears. This first living cell is the great ancestor of all plants and animals on earth, including man. From this first cell, all other forms of life evolved. This tiny first living cell is the father of us all!

So according to science, we are all formed from molecules. The second theory is the concept of Darwinism. This is one of the most popular. All humans began as Ape like figures and over time developed into man.

I stumbled across a real cute poem, stating why we do not come from apes:

Three monkeys dining once in a coconut tree
Were discussing some things that they heard true to be.
“What do you think?”    “Now listen, you two;
Here, monkeys, is something that cannot be true,
That humans descend from our noble race!
Why, it’s shocking–a terrible disgrace.
Whoever heard of a monkey deserting his wife,
Leaving a baby to starve and ruin its life?
And have you ever known of a mother monk
To leave her darling with strangers to bunk?
Their babies are handed from one to another,
And some scarcely know the love of a mother.
And I’ve never known a monkey so selfish to be,
As to build a fence around a coconut tree,
So other monkeys can‘t get a wee taste,
But would let all the coconuts there go to waste.
Why, if I’d put a fence around this coconut tree,
Starvation would force you to steal from me.
And here is another thing a monkey won’t do:
Seek a cocktail parlor and get on a stew.
Carouse and go on a whoopee disgracing his life,
Then reel madly home and beat up his wife.
They call this all pleasure and make a big fuss–

The last theory and only theory which I as Christian can relate to is,  that we all descended from Adam and Eve. This is the only theory that makes absolute sense. The line of human kind can be traced back to the beginning of time. The first skeleton was found in Ethiopia. This is also believe where mankind started. Other theories believe life spread from Mesopotamia. If one reads the Bible, it would appear that the first form on earth was in Africa. So if life started here, why are Africans so cruel to one another? On these soil the first form of life started and now blood soaks the earth on a daily basis.

I always believed that we are all connected as human beings, but we can be so cruel to our brothers and sisters. We breakdown this place we call earth and refuse to give a helping hand to those who need it most sometimes. We look at differences, skin colour, traditions and cultures and everything that makes us different from one another. Quick to point out others faults, in order to make ourselves feel better. We kill one another, because the fear of indifference has taken control. We justify the non association with certain people on the grounds that we don’t understand where they come from, but sometimes hardly know our own roots. We conform to the norm and follow tradition, never questioning if my tradition aids hatred, why I would hurt another human being in that manner.

Where do we come from? No one can really tell. All thing we all can say for sure is that we are certainly not molecules or ape like figures. I believe in the concept of coming and being formed from this earth. My heart just bleeds for mankind, that we have lost our way so much, that we forget that we all are connected in one way or another. We all feel, we all bleed and we are all part of this earth. And when we die, we will return to this earth.

MISS C     



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