The Journey of Rediscovery

My journey of rediscovery has been spanning for more then two years now. There are so many things I want to write about and lessons that I have learned. Which brings me to todays post. I just feel like I needed to write in order to reclaim myself. Writing is a part of who I … Continue reading The Journey of Rediscovery


I have not written in a while as I was busy preparing for exams and even before that I felt like what I was writing wasn't up to standard (mine ofcourse). Even so I must say it is good to finally get into the swing of things again. This being said, currently in South Africa … Continue reading 16 DAYS OF ACTIVISM

#Sexforgrades: It is that simple

Very valid read and happening I believe in most patriarchal societies.

Let's Have Tea

A few months ago in Toronto, I had dinner with a Nigerian male colleague. As we sat to enjoy a spread of delicious Cantonese meals, our conversation drifted towards women’s rights and practices in the workplace. With glee in his eyes and admiration in his voice, this colleague told me about how young girls in his former workplace in Nigeria were often harassed by their male bosses and were at risk of losing their jobs if they did not oblige the men who owned all the power. When my face contorted in response to what he was saying, he quickly issued a disclaimer:

“These men are very gentle men. They don’t harass the women like that. They ask calmly and pay the girls a lot of money. In fact, one of my bosses gave a young lady a huge sum of money to shop for new clothes.”

“Were her…

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