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This morning I woke up, thinking about the movie I watched last night. It was about a girl who was unable to leave her house because any bacterial infection could kill her. So she was trapped in her house. She had almost everything, but no human interaction, did not know how it feels to be outside and also did not know how it was to have a true friend, until she fell in love with the boy next door. Love made her risk everything, even her health, just to feel like how it would feel like to have the freedom to break out of her box. Continue reading “LOVE IS EVERYTHING…”

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I woke up with this song in my heart this morning: Joy to the world, all the boys and girls, joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea, joy to you and me…. I use to absolutely love this time of year. It was always special. And as a child I could not wait to see what was waiting for me the next morning. The night before we would dance and I would stand on my grandfather’s feet and he would guide me, until I was old enough to dance with him. It was amazing, even though I did not look forward to my fabric explosion of a church dress. But I wore it, because I was a good child.  Continue reading ““JOY TO THE WORLD””

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I always use to laugh when this song came on the radio. It played again this afternoon and on the inside I laughed so hard. I have my own version. Mine goes like this: “Even though I have fat thighs, a big bum but my belly still gives good loving. Fat thighs, skinny arms, my small boobs still keep you coming…” The part that usually gets me is the big bum part, because I have one. But this is such an amazing song, even though it makes me laugh it conveys such a powerful message.

As people we always find something wrong with our bodies. We are too tall, too small, have too many freckles, have frizzy hair, don’t have frizzy hair, butt is too big, butt is to small, terrible skin, strange legs and whatever else. You name it, someone else has it worst. Continue reading “MY POTBELLY STILL GIVES GOOD LOVING…”

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As soon as you read the headline, one probably thinks oh not another break up groove type of article. Oh well sorry to disappoint you guys but I am so tired of writing about love, because by now I have learned, the only thing I have learned about love is that it does not love me back. Be that as it may, this is not about that.

I woke up with a thought this morning about buyer’s remorse. Have you ever bought something that you do not want? Have you had the courage to return it? Or do you just keep it and think, well I will find use for you later…

What if that thing is a dog? Or a child? Can you really return it to the store? I think not. So here we are, and I guess by now you have figured out that this article is about post traumatic stress disorder. I do not have children, but I wonder if it feels the same way I did when I got my dog Mika this year. I lost a dog named Phoebe. She was such a pleasure and dream in my life. My perfect gift. Well behaved, perfectly trained and such a sweetheart. But she died suddenly after her first injection. I was so hurt and torn up, I just wanted something to fill that hole. I search for a new dog so badly and then I found Mika. But Mika was the total opposite of Phoebe. She didn’t want to come to me the first time I went to pick her up, she cried the whole time the first night. She was pretty difficult. I felt like I didn’t want her anymore. Continue reading “I DON’T WANT YOU ANYMORE…”

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Someone once’s said to me: “Do not expect people to owe you anything…” My thoughts at the time was, who do you think you are you deuce-bag? Be that as it may, I get it now.

What he meant was, do not expect people to treat you the same that you treat them. If you treat others with respect, do not expect them to do the same for you. If you always help others, do not expect everyone to be thankful. If you care so much and give more of yourself than needed, do not expect the other person to return the sentiment. Just like with life, people change like the seasons. Each and every one of us have growing pains. What he meant was do not expect people to respect your views nor spare your feelings. People will hurt you and use you in order to move forward.  Continue reading “I’M ONLY HUMAN”

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It was really important for me to write this article today after yesterday. I felt like it was the lowest point in my life, because I have never really been scolded for my ability or skills. Be that as it may, I decided to sleep in. I just paused and just wanted to relax.

So what did I learn? Why did it feel like a turning point? I realised the Lord wanted or is busy teaching me patience. It is very difficult for me to just chill out these days or maybe these past couple of years. Anyway, I watched two movies and they both made me laugh so hard and naturally that it felt so amazing. I learned so much, because it echoed the rhythm of my soul. It was something I needed in order to just be and let go fully.  Continue reading “WHO RUNS THE WORLD?”